Catherine Canty Photograph

Photograph of Master Potter Catherine Canty
Cultural Narrative: 

Catharine Sanders Canty was born on February 11, 1917 to Idle and Arzada Sanders. She lived most of her life on the reservation. She was a hard worker, artist and collector of many things. She married at the tender age of fourteen to Billy Canty. They started a family two years later. She went to work at the J. P. Stevens Cotton Mill in the 1940's as a spinner. After 36 years of working, her retirement left her with  alot of time on her hands. Her son-in-law encouraged her to work in the clay. She was very proud to share her knowledge of Catawba pottery with the school children. She also enjoyed volunteering at the Catawba Cultural Preservation Project. She was known for her specialty effigy, the frog.