Earl Robbins Photograph

Photograph of Earl Robbins holding a piece of his pottery
Cultural Narrative: 

Earl Robbins was born in Cherolee Couny, South Carolina on April 14, 1922. He is the son of Effie Harris and the great grandson of Peter Harris, a Confederate Veteran. The Robbins family moved to the Catawba Indian Reservation in 1935 when Earl was 13 years old. His mother immediately began to make pottery, and young Earl was enlisted to help her. By 1937, Earl was making a wide assortment of small pieces to sell to tourists. Earl stopped making pottery in 1940, when he obtained work. After his marriage to Viola Harris, he would always dig clay and helped his wife burn her wares. Earl returned to pottery making in 1987. Earl is known for his enormous, thin vessels and his rubbing techniques. Earl was one of the few men from his generation that participated in the making of pottery. His piece can be found all over the world, some are even housed in the Louvre in Paris. 

Earl Robbins
Location Description: 

Catawba Indian Reservation