Evelyn George Photograph

Photograph of Master Potter Evelyn George working on a piece of pottery
Cultural Narrative: 

Evelyn Brown George was born on February 7, 1914 to Early Morgan Brown and Edith Bertha Harris Brown. Evelyn learned how to work the clay as a young child from her great-grandmother. Evelyn learned and practiced in a manner that is typical not only to Catawba Pottery, but for traditional crafts in general. She first learned with an elder when she was a child. Then pottery making competed with raising children and work. In the 1970's Evelyn began to make pottery with increased frequency. Since then Evelyn has not only earned the status of master potter from her peers at the Catawba Nation, but works with all aspects of cultural life on the Catawba Indian Reservation. In addition to serving as a pottery instructor at the Catawba Cultural Preservation Project, she has served as the dance coordinator for the Catawba youth dance group. In 2004, Evelyn was awarded the Jean Laney Harris Folk Heritage Award.  

Evelyn George